About Us

Carbon Marine was founded by Joe Welbourn after he tried to buy a good tiller handle extension for his small inshore fishing boat.  Joe quickly discovered there were not many to choose from.   Joe posted a few surveys on fishing forum to research what other fishermen felt was a fair price for a quality tiller handle extension.  With the survey data, Joe began experimenting with carbon fiber and soon discovered he could build a great tiller handle and sell it for a fair price.  This began a hobby that later turned in Carbon Marine in May of 2007.  Joe has expanded the Carbon Marine accessories line to include: casting platforms (CastingPillar), poling platforms (PolingPillar), push-poles (PushPillar), tiller handle extensions (TillerPillar), trolling motor mounts for kayaks (MotorPillar), and grab-rails (GrabPillar). 

No other company makes carbon fiber inshore boat accessories. In January of 2009 Joe was recognized by the American Composite Manufacturers Association as the “innovator” in the boating accessory industry by bringing carbon fiber technology to inshore fishing boat accessories.  Today, the TillerPillar is viewed as the best tiller handle extension available. Most skiff builders buy the TillerPillar for their new till-based skiffs.  The CastingPillar equally popular because a fisherman can shave 15-20 pound of weigh from his boat by substituting a CastingPillar for the aluminum style casting platform.

Joe philosophy for bring carbon fiber to inshore fishing skiffs is the same as engineer for airspace and race cars; carbon fiber it is light and strong.  Carbon fiber is the future material for advance fabrication.   Joe has fabricated other non-marine carbon fiber products for other companies, such as wind turbines.